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pH5 Douche Olie

200 ml

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Rijk aan natuurlijke oliën die de huid intensief voeden
Geschikt voor dagelijks gebruik, zelfs bij regelmatig wassen
Respecteert het microbioom van de huid

Reinigt op milde wijze en voedt de huid

De pH5 Doucheolie met 53% natuurlijke oliën en Dexpanthenol reinigt op milde wijze en beschermt de gevoelige huid tegen uitdroging om de huid te helpen weer comfortabel aan te voelen. - Schuimt licht bij het aanbrengen - Geschikt voor kinderen vanaf 3 jaar


Doucheolie voor de droge, gevoelige huid

De gevoelige huid heeft een milde reiniging nodig om de weerstand van de huid tegen dagelijkse invloeden van buitenaf te behouden. Geef comfort aan uw huid en bescherm deze met de pH5 Doucheolie van Eucerin. Geef uw huid een nieuw gevoel van welzijn. De pH5 Doucheolie, met natuurlijke oliën en Dexpanthenol, reinigt de gevoelige huid op milde wijze. Dit product respecteert het microbioom van de huid door het natuurlijke evenwicht ervan niet te beïnvloeden. De huid wordt op milde wijze gereinigd en de pH-waarde wordt gerespecteerd. De huid voelt zacht en soepel aan, wordt beschermd tegen uitdroging en voelt weer comfortabel aan.

Klinische en dermatologische studies

Klinische en dermatologische studies bewijzen een zeer goede effectiviteit en huidverdraagzaamheid bij de droge, gevoelige huid.

Voornaamste bevindingen


laat mijn huid glad en zacht aanvoelen


beschermt tegen uitdroging, zelfs bij regelmatig wassen


laat mijn huid aangenaam aanvoelen


beschermt de gevoelige huid tegen invloeden van buitenaf


voedt mijn huid intensief

Er werd een consumententest1 uitgevoerd bij 173 vrouwen met een gevoelige huid. Na twee weken gebruik werden de volgende resultaten gemeld: 1 Beiersdorf AG: consumententest, Italië, december 2020

Hoe te gebruiken


  • Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets in your eyes, rinse off with water
  • To avoid slipping, rinse shower thoroughly after use
  •  For best results, use in combination with a moisturizing care product from the Eucerin pH5 range

Do's and Dont's

Use this product if …

You have dry sensitive skin, or suffer from type 1 allergies:

Eucerin pH5 Shower Oil gently cleanses dry sensitive skin, protecting its natural defenses and making it more resilient to environmental triggers. It is also suitable for allergy-stressed skin.

Try a different product if …

You’re looking for a mild cleanser for frequent showering and prefer a gel format:

Try Eucerin pH5 Soft Shower.

You’re looking for a gentle cleanser for dry, sensitive skin and prefer a bar format:

Try Eucerin pH5 Soap-Free Bar.

You’re looking for a cleanser specially formulated for the intimate area:

Try Eucerin Intim Protect.

You have very dry, itchy skin:

Try Eucerin Washfluid 5% Urea.

You’re looking for a moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin:

Try Eucerin pH5 Lotion.


How Eucerin pH5 works

Healthy skin is the body’s first and best defense against external irritants. But, when skin is dry and sensitive, its barrier function is compromised and it is prone to further dryness and sensitivity.

The Eucerin pH5 range has been specially formulated to address the needs of dry, sensitive skin. The unique Eucerin pH Balance System restores skin’s optimal pH level and strengthens skin’s natural defenses, making it more resilient to environmental triggers and reducing sensitivity. Many of the products also contain Dexpanthenol which is known for its regenerative properties.


Veelgestelde vragen (4)

  • What are surfactants, and which ones does Eucerin use?

    Surfactants are active cleansing agents, sometimes also called active surface or active interface substances. They are organic compounds that influence molecular adhesion and reduce surface tension. When used in skin cleansers, they make it easier to remove dirt particles from skin’s surface. 

    Comprehensive clinical and dermatological studies prove that the extra-mild surfactants used in Eucerin cleansing products – which include Sodium Myreth Sulfate and Lauryl Glucoside – have excellent skin compatibility.

  • Why does skin’s pH matter and what does the Eucerin pH Balance System do?

    Skin’s surface is covered by a protective acid mantle which gives it a mildly acidic pH. This pH plays an important role in skin condition and is key to skin’s protective barrier. It neutralizes alkaline-based aggressors (such as harsh surfactants), supports the essential process of shedding dead skin cells (known as desquamation), inhibits the growth of bacteria and creates the optimal environment in which skin’s natural flora can thrive.

    When skin’s pH alters its barrier function is compromised. Water loss increases and skin dries out making it more susceptible to external irritants and sensitivity. 

    The Eucerin pH Balance System contains pH5 Citrate Buffer to restore and support skin’s optimal pH. This helps to strengthen skin’s barrier function, protect its natural defences and make skin less sensitive.

  • Why does skin need protection?

    Our skin works hard to protect our bodies. It defends the body from external influences such as changes in climate, pollution, UV light, and chemicals. But these environmental forces can have an impact on skin and cause it to become stressed. When skin is stressed, it is less able to work as an efficient barrier. It loses moisture and becomes permeable from the outside. It’s important that we protect our skin and support the optimal pH balance for its natural barrier function. Skin is then able to carry on its important work of protecting us.

  • How can I be sure your products are safe for my sensitive skin?

    All Eucerin pH5 cleansing products have been specially formulated to combine gentle cleansing with excellent skin protection and clinically-proven skin tolerability. Eucerin pH5 Handwash Oil is suitable for frequent by those with Atopic Dermatitis.

    Before applying a new product all over your hands, test it first by applying it repeatedly to the skin on the inside of your elbow. If there’s no reaction (e.g. redness, swelling or itching) then it’s safe to assume the product is compatible with your skin. If you have any concerns we recommend that you ask a pharmacist or dermatologist for their advice.

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